Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm okay :')

Hi yoo stalker, i'm okay today outside but inside my heart only god knows how i feel. Swear i miss Fariz so much and i afraid to lose him. #Blogakusukahatilah. Yaww its thurday guys, so what the hell are you? Agama kinda cool. When perdagangan period me and Fyqock story about Fariz, suddenly she said 'Fariz dah ada orang lain'. Wuuuu my tears suddenly flow, sad k sad. I do math exercise with full of blurr, i feel like wanna cry. Urgh why you so hard math? Oh yaa recess hahaha seems like someone jealous when i with Iskandar Ibrahim. He's like my brother lah, so do care yaa bitch boo. Bahasa melayu, i don't know what's on my school principals mind. She ask us to sit on the floor cause our class have a lot of tiny rubbish. Not too much lah act but urgh i don't understand her. Sejarah boringg and english sir was not at school. So me, Fyqock and Tynoo do math exercise. Againnn, i feel like wanna cry. Urgh God please help me :< Home, online for 25 minutes, math exercise for one hour, online for a few hours -.- Stop bother me lah internet :3 Kbai.