Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumped up kicks :-)

Tittle sangat takde kena mengana k. Sch? Hm okay lah. Thanks to my bestfriends cause make me laugh when i don't even want to smile :') Okay baby i love them so much. Pepagi lagi my anje Fyzot marah aku, okay fine i know my ego is big. I'm sorry syg :'\ Sebelum rehat ada english workshop dekat dalam dewan. This activity start at 7.50 untill 9.35 something like that. Haha ceramah tu sangat lah tak mengantuk, yess i mean it bukan perli. There's two man form where idk teach us how to improve our english, insyaAllah its work. Lepas rehat lepak dalam kelas and we have some chit-chat in the class and we talk with each other in english wuuu. Anddddd today ramai tanya "Anis kau okay tak ni?" "Anis kau kenapa?" "Kau kenapa Anis?" Hey, i'm okay when i'm with my super duper great bestfriends :-) Anis please take a note: Jangan terlalu mengharap okay little awesome girl with a pair of big and cute eyes. K take it easy baby :} My wish? Till now i hope my wish come thru. Gtg, swimming and relaxing my mind ~